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We MiCare is a Third Party Administrator (TPA) that builds the connectivity applications and infrastructure for the exchange of transaction information, linking up key players in the healthcare sector such as doctors, patients, government organizations, corporates & insurers to bring about a seamless and efficient management of healthcare services.

We combine unmatched flexibility, cost management efficiency, leading software & mobile applications solution.

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Our comprehensive range of services help payors to manage costs, track healthcare expenditure, minimize administrative work, identify waste or abuse in their systems and support the development of plans and programs that enable the provision of effective, high quality care.


    We deliver efficient and cost effective healthcare administration management for insurers, brokers, agents and corporates.


    We can help you explore opportunities to increase efficiency and ensure there are no instances of inaccuracy, overservicing and overcharging by managing our medical audits, panel providers, practices and patient flows.


    Our MiCare mobile application allows our member to track entitlement benefit, personal claim, search and view panel clinics, hospitals and pharmacy, submit claim and request outpatient Guarantee Letter (GL).


    MiCare does not impose Fee Splitting, Panel Joining Fee and commissions to its panel providers.

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