Healthcare cost, over the decades, has always been recognized as a major concern of the healthcare delivery system. Over the years, healthcare cost has spiraled due to the high standard of living. In the US, within a decade, every US$1 out of every US$5 spent in the U.S. economy will go for health care, with annual spending consistently growing faster than the overall economy.

MiCare System plays an all important role in not only providing more effective means of administering all the healthcare claims but at the same time, to serve as a “gatekeeper” to keep the healthcare cost under control. Basically, such cost consist of two main components, the direct healthcare cost and the indirect administration cost.

TPA - 3rd Party Administration
FFS - Fees For Service
BPO - Business Process Outsource
To better manage and contain direct healthcare cost
To better manage the complexity of healthcare administration works
To effectively minimize indirect healthcare administration cost