With Our e-Infrastructure (iCARES) in place, corporate members are able to exchange information with healthcare service providers electronically, leveraging on the use of Internet technology. Corporate members are able to update employee details and their respective medical benefits to the healthcare service providers with the ability to access online their employee’s medical claim and various utilization and management reports.

Healthcare service providers are also able to perform on-line, real time verification and authentication on all relevant medical claims. We achieve this by building connectivity applications and infrastructure for the exchange of transaction information from one computer system to another through the Internet, linking up key players in the healthcare delivery system, which includes but not limiting to, doctors, clinics, laboratories, hospitals, patients, insurance companies, government ministries and corporations, to bring about a seamless and efficient management of healthcare services. By doing so, we are empowering our Healthcare services with the most current and up-to-date IT tools, thereby, increasing efficiency and productivity.
Claims Processing
Complex Business Rules Engine
Trend Analysis
Organize Relevent Health Talks
Organize Health Screening Events
Organize Health & Wellness Events
Latest State-of-Art Technology
End-to-End Connection
Able to integrate to various backends/platforms
24 x 7 Ssytem Access